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Deposit Lyrics- Imran Khan

Deposit Lyrics by Imran Khan is the latest Brand new Punjabi song sung by Imran Khan. with also music is given by Chahid. while Deposit song lyrics are written by โ€‹Imran Khan. this music video is directed by Toxic and music video has been released on the 30th January 2024.

Deposit Lyrics- Imran Khan

Deposit Song Details

๐Ÿ“Œ Song Title :Deposit
๐ŸŽค Singer (S) :Imran Khan
โœ๏ธ Lyrics (S) :Imran Khan
๐ŸŽผ Music (S) :Chahid
๐ŸŽฌ Director :Toxic
๐Ÿท๏ธ Music Label (ยฉ):imrankhanworld
Release Date:30th January 2024

Deposit Lyrics

Aawange ni jadon
Billo laaviye na der
Munda main the hague dava
Howa reappear

Gaane saade ajj
Jivein paindi ae chaped
Zero competition
Kripya kare na compare

Saade naal ve tu kari na
Bohta zyada na interfere
Aggan ni laa daa saare ni passe
Mitti dawa main tel

Lakh vaari bhavein copy kar len
Ne ho jaande ne ae fail
Lokkan ne kitta bada ve saanu
Under ni estimate

Sade vangu eh industry vich
Aawenga naa koi fer
Ik07 aunda baby
Jungle da hi ae sher

Sense na kar sakde ae saare
Aisa naa prepare
Uchhiyan speedan gaddi diyaan ne
Tod dawa main gear

Front te rehndi ae har vele nazran
Vekhiye na rear
Saanu ki lagge ki eh sochan
Kara naa really care

Lambiya linean lag gaiyan ne
Laashan da ve dher
Re incarnated makaveli
Naa koi shakespeare

Ehna nu aawe naa koi wali
Tere vass di na game
Aithe na ve koi strong hai baby
Saare feather like weight

Assa dudh main peeta
Te badaama di ae plate
Aa geya pyo ve tera
Bhann davega gate

Aawange ni jade
Freddy krueger nightmare
Ehna nu main dawa super
Comboshow ka flame

Girl teri scream kare
Roz sadda name
Thoda main aggressive baby
Wild te untamed

Gaadi buggati 400 speed te
Jaandi aa ni ve tez
Always on the perfect timing
Kadi na aawa late

Ankhan ne saddiyan band ni
Billo fully mila awake
Naa kara wait.

Written By- Imran Khan

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